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Lenten Parish Mission

There will be a Lenten parish mission at St. Henry on Monday and Tuesday, March 6th and 7th in the hall. The program will start at 6:30 PM both evenings. Our speakers are Tom and Jean Marie Edwards.

Tom Edwards––Renewal Ministries Country Coordinator
Tom Edwards makes his home in St. Augustine, Florida, USA. Tom has two adult children—a son and a daughter, both married,nine grandchildren and one great grandchild. After a marriage of 50 years, Tom’s wife Pam passed away. Tom is now remarried to Jean Marie. Tom was baptized and raised a Roman Catholic. In 1974, after working several years in retail, Tom resigned from his management position to answer a call to full-time ministry. This step soon evolved into an international mobile outreach of lay Catholic evangelization with an emphasis on the preaching and teaching of the Holy Scriptures. His conference speaking, retreats, and the presentation of parish missions has been widely received throughout the United States, Belize, Brazil, Bahamas, England, Wales, Canada, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Kazakhstan, Jamaica, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, South Africa and Asian countries. Tom’s goal always is to allow the living Word of God to become applicable to one’s life today. Tom began networking with Renewal Ministries of Ann Arbor, MI in 1995.

Jean Marie Edwards
Raised in a large Irish Roman Catholic family, Jean Marie’s first husband, Bud, passed away in the year 2000. She is mother to four married adult children (a daughter and three sons) and now grandmother to eleven. Now married to Tom Edwards she continues to be actively involved in the evangelization and missionary work. Jean Marie has spearheaded pro-life efforts in the United States as well as African and Eastern European countries. She has a long time passion for saving the lives of babies in the womb. Her work with a team from Operation Rescue led to over 100 babies being saved from the abortion mills in California. The task of praying at abortion clinics resulted in her being arrested several times and eventually being sentenced to nearly three months of incarceration in California jails. While in the jails and enduring very harsh circumstances, she started prayer ministry and bible studies to fellow inmates. Her experience there led her to involvement in a diocesan based jail ministry to male and female prisoners. For fourteen years she carried the love and the Word of God to the incarcerated.

The theme for each night is as follows:

Monday: HEART TRANSPLANT–No, we are not talking medical procedure here, but perhaps something far more critical to life. God calls us to a radical transformation–a progression from “who we are now” to “what He created us to be”. The spiritual surgery he desires to perform is challenging indeed, but nothing can be more rewarding than being a man or woman after “God’s own heart”. We will learn about dealing with the “seven deadly pallbearers of character”.

Tuesday: FORGIVENESS—God has given us principles for life which open the door to a consistent experience of joy, peace, and the promised fullness of life. There is a great power residing in the “principle of forgiveness”. Violation of the principle can have catastrophic effects. Learn about the great liberation, the healing freedom that accompanies the “power of forgiveness”.

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