In order to baptize at St. Henry, parents must live within the boundaries of our parish and be registered with the parish.
Baptismal sessions are held the 1st Sunday of the month after the 10:00am Mass. This brief sessions will answer any questions you may have about the baptismal process for infants at St. Henry Parish. We highly recommend that parents attend the informaion session during pregnancy since children should be baptized prompltly after birth.

Godparent regulations for the Catholic Church (this universal law of the Church): A child can have 1 or 2 Christian godparents, though at least one must be Catholic. Catholic godparents must be baptized, confirmed, and have received 1st holy communion. Married Catholic godparents need to have been married by the church. A person in a civil marriage or living with someone cannot serve as a godparent.

Baptisms are normally scheduled for the last Saturday of each month in the chapel. There is no baptism fee.



Benjamin Campos

Encuentro Matrimonial

Eloy & Hortencia Jaramillo

Foundations in Catholicism

Maria Pico


Demetrio Marin

Grupo de Oracion "El Buen Pastor"

Desiderio Meneses

Knights of Columbus

Jim Wiggins

Ladies of St. Henry

Nita Davis

Liturgical Ministers

Karol Ledesma (lectors)

Karol Ledesma (extraordinary ministers of holy communion)

Alan & Adela Gaxiola (lectores en Español)

Eduardo & Victoria Mosqueda (ministros extraordinarios de santa communion en Español)

Marriage Preparation

Nancy Vela

Men’s Ministry

John Bering

Music / Choir

5:00pm: Lynn Massey

8:00am: Patricia Vallier

10:00am: Lynn Massey

12:00pm: Sergio Gonzalez

6:00pm: Kevin Portillo

OneStepBeyond High School Discipleship

Contact the Pastor or one of our deacons directly for more information


Adela & Alan Gaxiola (Español)

The Gabriel Project

Mike Ronco

Tonopah Mission

Lupita Covarrubias

Deacon Victor Leon

Vladivostok Mission

Fr. Billy

Women of Solitude Guild:

in support of The Poor Clare Nuns of Tonopah

Wesley Rodermund